GCSE Exams Results 2019

We are very pleased with this year’s exam results.

The percentage of pupils achieving strong GCSE passes in Maths and English (that’s grades 5 to 9) has gone up from 38% last year to 49% this year.

The percentage of pupils who achieved standard passes (that’s grades 4 to 9) in Maths and English was 68% – up 7% on last year.

The average grade our pupils achieved was 4.8 (a strong pass)and that is in ‘real’ subjects – the Sciences, French, Spanish, History and Geography etc. – the ones colleges and employers value.

And 96% of our pupils left with passes in both Maths and English.

4 pupils achieved 4 or more GCSEs at grade 9 with one pupil achieving 9 Grade 9’s and 1 Grade 8.

We’ve got here through good solid teaching to pupils who, with the support of their families, were motivated to work hard to get the best results they could.

It all means that our pupils are well set to go on and succeed in the next stage in their education.